Links That I Love

There is a lot of really cool stuff out there in the world. Here are a few links to some of the amazing things that some people that I love are in to and up to and bringing to the universe. Check them out!

Justin McGlamery/Focus Your Locus:     My super-intelligent, wildly creative, and insightful brother, Justin McGlamery has written a book, presents workshops and is generally doing cool stuff around focus, energy, play and UBUNTU! Check out his site and his book, co-authored with Mike Gessford, a dear friend and lover-of-life.

Carla Ten Eyck Photography:     Carla Ten Eyck and I have been friends since back in the days of our little girl membership in Brownie Troop 69.  From as far back as I can remember, Carla has been taking photos. She is one of the exceptional people in this world who has translated her true passion into a successful career. Even if weddings aren’t your thing, Carla’s photography is inspirational and tells a story; she has a unique ability to capture the most intimate pieces of people in her work.

Datura, A Modern Garden:     Tony Palmieri is a flower-loving, machete-wielding, creative genius.  His natural sculptures, insane flower arrangements, and ability to transform ANYTHING into beauty make Tony something of a treasure. And, he pulls it all off in a kilt and fish-net stockings.

Camp Woodstock:     Yup, anyone who knows me well knows that I am a camp-girl at heart. Camp Woodstock is where I spent 14 summers of my life and met some of my most incredible friends.  It is still near and dear to my heart as a wonderful place for kids to relax, play, make friends, and grow.

…there are many more to come!<3


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